Item Name Warehouse Ladder
Size 4-15 Steps
Color 0



Welded ribbed aluminium folding ladder with platform, Guar drail and Handr ail for profess ional use. This professional heavy duty alternative to traditional steel safety steps is ideally suited for use in warehouses, stock rooms, high access points with machinery, airports, gymnasiums and other areas where safe, guarded high level access is required. Featuring wide steps, a sturdy 1.0m guardrail and a large aluminium working platform permit the user to work in a comfortable, safe way & this product therefore meets all needs for Work at Height. Featuring a safe braking system deployed automatically when the ladder is opened for use, but allowing transit when the ladder is moved with the raising arms, the rubber feet allow the two sturdy rubber wheels ( ø 125 mm) to move effortlessly on the ground. It is additionally equipped with anti-opening/anti-closing arms that can also be used as raising arms. Castellana is tested and produced according to the European Standard En131.

Certifications EN 131