Brand Dipped Products Limited (DPL)
Model Xtraflex
Item Name Seamless Knitted Nylon/Spandex Liner With Nitrile Foam Coating
Size 7,8,9,10
Color Black
Material Ergonomically designed
to reduce hand fatigue.
Automotive Industry
Automotive Maintenance & Services
Light Engineering
Painting Industry
General Purpose
Breathable coating to keep hands cool
and dry.
Nitrile dots for a better grip and
increased protection to the palm and
Increased cushioning through the use
of raised dots in the working area.
Extra light foam coating for ultimate
flexibility & dexterity.
‘Stretch to fit’ design for excellent
sung and comfortable fit.
Ergonomically designed to reduce
hand fatigue.
Manufactured using an
environmentally friendly solvent free

Nothing slips easily when you have DPL’s unique patented StickGrip®
technology coupled with the amazing flexibility of stretchable Nylon/Spandex
liner which acts as a cool second skin. The better grip ensures significantly
lower finger fatigue, greater productivity and fewer injuries. The matrix of soft
matt Nitrile foam protrusions cushion the plam and fingers giving additional
protection to the work areas.
Certifications NA